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The one big reason why iPad rivals can’t compete on price

The biggest disappointment of nearly every promising competitor to the Apple iPad has been the price tag. Learn the one trump card that allows Apple to out-price rival tablets.

The mass invasion of Apple iPad competitors has begun. But, what was expected to be a ferocious battle is starting to look like it could turn into a lopsided rout, at least during 2011. The reason: price.

While many of the top tech vendors have trotted out impressive-looking tablets, the problem with virtually all of them is that they look great until you see the price tag. It’s developed into a sad little ritual in the tech industry in recent months where a company announces a very promising tablet and gets people excited and then the price of that tablet leaks out and people gasp in confusion and disappointment.

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Time Inc. Gets the Tablet Magazine Subscriptions It Wants–With HP

Time Inc., which has been unable to come to terms with Apple over subscriptions for digitized magazines, has found a company it can work with: Hewlett-Packard.

HP has agreed to let Time Warner’s publishing unit provide subscriptions for magazines on the device maker’s new tablet, due out this summer, according to a Time Inc. source.

Time Inc. will initially sell four magazines via the HP device: Sports Illustrated, Time, Fortune and People.

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Ten stories customer publishers must read this year

As 2010 draws to a close, it is time to look at the year in retrospect and provide you with the essential reading list for your Christmas holidays. Below is a collection of ten stories from 2010 that are worth reading. If you haven’t read them yet, please do; if you have read them, read them again.

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The rise of print in South Asia

If the medium is the message, the tidings from the International Newsmedia Marketing Association (Inma) conference, were clear as the crystal chandeliers that hung at the venue: What we are witnessing today in South Asia is not the sunset but sunrise of print media. But the picture, globally, is not all that rosy. According to Earl J Wilkinson, the executive director and CEO of Inma , a futurist called Ross Dawson has predicted the extinction of newspapers in 52 countries between 2017 and 2039, with the last of printing giants closing in the United States in 2017. The good news is none of the South Asian countries figures on this list.
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Sure enough, the annual readership survey of India in it’s latest report has recorded a positive growth for the largest read English daily in the world. From a growth of 5% in Mumbai to 23% in Ahmedabad, the amazing fact is there is a growth recorded in every major Indian city.

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I don’t even know if that is a good thing anymore. Sure, it is great to be launching new print titles here in Asia while all over the west it is ‘wrap up and go digital’ time. Starting with the Kindle to the ipad, readers have embraced the tablets and publishers are racing each other to launch their tablet versions.

So why is South Asia still growing in print media? Other than being used to play ‘catch-up’, I’d like to think it has a lot to do with low internet penetration and the prohibitive costs of owning a tablet.

Media Apps-Are they as good a business as they seem?

With 2011 prophesied  to be the year of the ‘tablet’ by media moguls, many publishers around the world are seriously contemplating a digital versions to their titles. In this scenario, one wonders if they are indeed as good a business as they are projected to be. Apparently not or at least not yet says Jeff Bercovici.

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